Whirlwinds of Homeschooling 

The other night  I spent a couple hours “pinning”and downloading homeschool resources. A hundred plans I can’t wait to teach.

Yesterday, I only got around to telling one story about a crow and his carefull thinking that got him the water he so desperately wanted. Then spent the entire day instilling that one concept of “Little by Little, Does the Trick” to a four year old who so often looses his temper when things don’t go his way. He often works too fast when building or doing puzzles and melts down when pieces dont work or stay together.

In the grand world of homeschooling it is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of information and resources, and the building blocks of education.

From Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Waldorf, Christian and secular based choices, sometimes I need to slow myself down as a parent and kick those ever piling stacks of opinion back to their book shelves!

We choose to homeschool, believeing that is the best way to prepare our children for adulthood. To provide them knowledge and resource skills that also prepare them mentally and spiritually for social and family responsabilities.

We choose to homeschool believeing that we can provide a custom and personal based education for each child as an individual, rather then having our round peg children squished into square box public schooling.

So then we also need to believe we know how fast and how much those little minds and bodies can absorb at one time. And while we need to teach educational discipline, we need to make sure we don’t take the joy out of learning.

Being an informed homeschool parent is important. But we need to be careful we dont project the overwhelming number of choices we have into our teaching of the very young ones.

When our son looses his temper I ask him if the crow cried? (“No” he said) Or did he scream? (“No”) Or did he use his brain and think it out until it worked?

That one day of working on one little concept has him thinking for himself and figuring things out without a conflict.

And when he would usually shout, he now tells me his brain hurts and asks me to help. He knows he doesnt have to do things alone if he can’t figure it out.

That is how we should as parents use our homeschool resources. As a source for those teaching moments we feel stuck or lack the skill. And trust our God- given instincts that led us down this pathway of educating our families in the first place.

Raven Story Teller

We have been trying to incorporate story telling play with the toddlers. One turns 4 soon, and can help tell the stories. 

During nap time I teach him the story and play it out. And when the other two wake up, he tells them the story in his own words with the props I leave out for him.

We needed some more props that are also toddler friendly. 

Today I made this Raven. From a wooden egg and two half wooden eggs I found in my stash, I hot gkued them into shape and painted black. Then I found black feathers for him. I think he looks a little ratty, but around here they are known for garbage picking. So I guess he desserves it!

From Aesops Fables, Native story telling, and even Bible stories, we need a raven for so many reasons!

Princess Twinkle- Toes

Wow! She is going to be one! And today she started running, and had play sword fights with her two older brothers!! She has personality, and sass, and a world winning smile to help wrap you around her pudgy fingers! 

No more babies left, this is a toddler zone!

Next Sunday is her birthday, so tonight at midnight, while she was refusing to sleep, we made her a birthday “fascinator”. I had started out making a crown, but it was just to big for her little strawberry head. (Maybe her sister will claim it!) 

So it came down to this. Ribbon and felt, lace, sequins and feathers. The gold button is smooth, so each year on her birthday, I can change the sticker number. Very pleased how it turned out!

Lest We Forget

This week we practice the act of remembering those who sacrificed time, health and lives for our country’s freedom. 

I recreated a vintage poppy that was worn to the pilgrimage of Vimy Ridge, France.

 April 9 1917 at 5:30am, Canadians stormed and captured this crucial piece of land. It took 3 days to secure and more than 3000 Canadian lives. 

Support your legion, and our troops if today. We might not always agree with the politics, but we walk around free to have a voice and opinions because they are willing to die for their brothers and sisters

Hatchet Cratchet and Stash’et


Hatchet, Cratchet and Stash’et

Live in a little brown basket

They hide food from each other

Then forget half their plunder

And it grows up as trees the next summer.

I made these little squirels for the tots to learn about squirrel habbits and preparing for winter.

Pattern link. Laura Wilson, wewilsons@blogspot.com

The only change to the pattern I made was that I used strips of fabric instead of yarn for the tails. Sewn all the same way.

Purple Crying

Baby girl cried for 3 hrs straight. No comfort, no soothing. And I loved her, while going crazy at the same time. She is teething and her schedual was mixed up from church and Thanksgiving visiting. 

It happens, and you want to scream with them. You want them to stop. You want them to understand YOU, and quiet down at your touch and your voice. 

So while she cried, I designed. In the dark, with the flicker of the t.v . Sarah and Duck in one ear and baby crying in the other, I drew my anxiety to calm it. It’s rough looking, just like we were both feeling.

This morning, tired and dizzy, on the rush to finish Turkey dinner preps and baby girl sleeping soundly in her crib to make up for her lost sleep last night, I stopped to added purple. The color of a crying baby. 

We made it through, still loving each other! But know as a parent you aren’t alone. Keep breathing, keep loving. The storm will pass!

Little Puppets



When I was little my mom use to make little people out of kleenex from her purse to keep me from wiggling. She would fold the kleenex in half and then wrap the middle of it around her finger. When she took her finger out we had a hooded doll! But no face

I made these puppets with that memory in mind. Here is a tutorial for a similar doll. I used a mans pocket hankin and folded it diagonally, longer in the back to add a layered look. I gathered the head area with my thumb inside it, instead if filling it, to make the hood.

And the head is a bead I covered in knit fabric and sewed into the “hood” of my dolls.

I used popsicle sticks and 3 strands of crochet cotton. The head and left hand attach to one stick, and the right hand attached seperate to give it bigger movements. 

These little dolls are Faith, Hope and Love. 

Pretty sure there is a story to be found in them somewhere!

King Autumn 



King Autumn is a puppet inspired by this tutorial

“Someone” lost their electronics hour as a discipline and was of course bored. I don’t believe punishments should inspire more misbehavior. And though I would normaly give him ideas and tell him to have at them, I decided to join him instead.

We had a great time making this King from sheer material I had been given. And the background story we were able to make about him as we made him was great quality and quantity time!

He is King Autumn, King of Thankfulness. And he is the one who paints the leaves so we remember to look from heaven to earth at their beauty and remember their Creator, so we can be grateful for all that the Creator has given us.

Now, what was the chance my dear son would have come up with all that while playing a video game? !

Playdough Day


Its wet and cold still, and only 2 weeks until Canadian Thanksgiving. So we have been looking for bordom busters to cure cabin fever.  So today we made pie playdough. Pumpkin, apple and chocolate to be exact!

I’m not going to give out a recipe, there are a dozen easy ones found online to suit your needs. But to scent any of them, just add a tablespoon of your favorite spice like apple or pumpkin pie spice, or tsp of your favorite flavoring such as lemon, vanilla or pepermint!

I used cooked playdough and I do prefer cornstarch over flour, and ingredients that are edible incase they forget it is a toy!