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My name isn’t actually Jojo. But I love the character JOJO from Horton hears a Who. He’s the quiet Who son who sits and observes. He doesn’t go with the flow just to keep people happy. The Lorax and Horton are two of my very favorite characters.

BUT I AM…a happily re-married mother of six, (that’s 4 blue and 2 pink).  My husband took our last name so that the entire household shares the common family name. And when people ask which kids are his, he will tell you all of them. If you can’t tell the difference, we aren’t sharing!

We have a cat that my husband calls mine but that follows him around like a faithful pooch.

I work for my church as a worship musician, but otherwise I am a stay at home mom.

I’m an accidental Blythe doll owner, a visual artist and a “fabric artist” (A title given me by my own children)

I bake because I have to…two different diet needs in the house. But my husband is a chef, so if you want supper or snacks, ask him.



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