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Here is a knitting pattern I came up with for the 14 inch doll I am rescuing. They will also fit the Mellisa and Doug doll, and I assume Wellie Wishers as well.

I used sport weight or baby weight yarn

Size 3.25 mm knitting needles

Knit flat

Cast on 24

Row 1-5: knit all rows
Row 6: knit 9, k2tog, k2, ssk, k9
Row 7: P8, ssp , p2, p2tog,P6
Row 8: K7, k2tog, k2, ssl, k7
Row 9: P6, ssp , p2, p2tog, P6
Row 10: knit row
Row 11+: knit and/or purl 5 more rows depending on how you like the top to look

cast off knit wise and sew back and sole together.

In the picture, I added black felt for a soul and a 1/4 inch strip of felt around the soul, up onto the shoe to finish. You could sew the felt on I suppose, but I used hot glue.

Or leave the soul off and have a soft shoe or slipper!


(Please do not attempt to sell this pattern as your own. Credit and copywrite belong to the author of this blog.)