I have been collecting up 14″ and 18″ thrift dolls and giving them good cleanings, hair doo’s and new clothes. I try not to pay more than $6.99, as most of them come with no clothes and have ratty hair.

The oldest daughter and youngest daughter have a pleasant stash of these dolls now. And I have started a couple for re-homing to foster girls and girls at the local womens shelter in counceling.

There are so many wonderful and free patterns on pinterest and Ravelry for their clothing. I do splurge and order shoes on ebay or look for the affordable My Life doll shoes at Walmart. I knit underwear for all of them. And make some of my shirts by cutting off the snaps on premie or newborn babie onesies.

I clean them with rubbing alcohol first. And any stubburn stains with a magic erraser. I do find the magic erraser can leave a bit of a film.

I rinse their hair with baby shampoo. No washing, just a freshening. And I comb out the locks while wet with a fine metal cat comb. This will pull some hair out, so dont over do the combing. But removing the hair will take away the frizzies with out resorting to a hair cut.

So far, I have done 2 journey dolls, a Newberry and a Our Generation in the 18 inch size. And a Mellissa and Doug and a Heart to Heart in the 14 inch size. The hair was beyond saving on the M&D so I gave it a boy cut and one of the boys has named Him Jack and claimed it as his own.