I know….long time, no writing. 

But I have been busy! Im not any kind of expert, but I have been knitting away on dolls, slippers and learning to make socks for christmas. 

I will have some dolls to show soon. But I thought I would share my chatelaine with you.

The toddlers kept borrowing all my tools from my sewing bag as as I knit, and chasing them down for needles and scissors and measuring tapes while I had knitting in my hand became taxing.

So I decided to rummage through my supplies to see what I could recycle into  a all-in-one tool kit.

Made from a package of keyrings and clips from the craft section at the department store, and some new and vintage odds and ends I had on hand, I came up with something that definitly resmbles an old fashion chatelaine. 

I also used a junk jewelery mens chain necklace to add length to some items. And a package of small jewelery rings to hold items onto the clips and chain.
1. I took the metal ends off of a measuing tape and cut it down to 12.5 inches. Reused the metal ends and nailed a hole straight through to add small jewelery rings and clips.

2. A magnify glass from the surplus store

3. A brass key and pendants added to clips from the sale racks in the beading isle at micheals. The key is for fun, and I use the pendants as stitch markers.

4. I cut an older crochet hook shorter and bent it around my jewelry pliers for emergency knitting fixes.

5. A stitch counter

6. a harmony/ maternity bell with an added glass crystal, just because they are beautiful and I dont want to loose them on a normal key chain.

7. An empty seed bead container to hold short darning needles, sewing needles and straight pins.

8. Pair of stork scissors

9. A homemade “strawberry” pin cushion from some vintage fabric

10. My favorite…. A antique 3.5″ safety pin with a vintage wooded bobin for wrapping stray yarn or thread. 

No idea why a safety pin was made so big, but I have two of them from my grandmother, so they must have been useful for something!

I would like to add a tatting shuttle to this, but I have to drill a hole through one to do it, and haven’t gotten around to it yet. 

Well, wouldn’t you know it of course, baby girl now trys to swipe my chatelain. So I made her her own safe one that she can swipe from my bag without a scolding. Big chunky home made tools and a pair of plastic playing dough scissors to boot!

Now to make her a ball of yarn that can’t be unwound……..