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I recently bought a ukulele for myself, but didnt have much chance to learn it. That’s because the oldest kids took it over and learned it themselves.  I actually had to put a time limit on playing it so everyone could have a turn. Oldest daughter even played it in church 3 days after picking it up, to accompany me on the piano to the song Build Your Kingdom.

I ordered a second ukulele for myself. Paws off! But it didnt come with any case. After scouring the internet, pinterest, ebay and Etsy, I decided I could build my own for a better price and more personal. 

So voila. The results! It’s a simple lined bag with a flap and one velcro pocket. It has a side strap, a back strap and a hanging loop. I made it 3 layers thick, the middle layer being part of a padded table cover, to add structure, safey and water resistance. 

Very pleased with the results!

I am really enjoying the ukulele too! It is the easiest stringed instrument to learn. There are even courses for Jk and Sk children! Our 4 year old can play itsy bitsy spider. 

If you are looking for an easy instrument, I highly suggest an 21″ or 23″ ukulele. There are lots of free resourses, charts, songs, and online teaching.