The new fad of figit spinners has exploded into classrooms. They have a purpose for ADD and ADHD and Autism and Anxiety student. Where figiting is a coping mechanism for concentration, they are perfect. The problem, is that these have now become toys for any student and they distract the teacher and classroom.

I as a mother am extremely frustrated that the school has allowed these in the classroom for general use, when my own son has been scolded and disciplined for playing with pencils and erasers to keep himself from sucking his thumb. He has social anxiety issues and at 11 he knows the thumb sucking is going to cause problems amongst his peers. But no teacher has ever allowed him an alternative outlet, even at my request and a recomendations from his dentists. 

The other day while window shopping through etsy, I noticed there is a trend of finger rings for women that cover the whole finger. And I thought to myself, “would’t that be great for a thumb sucking deterant!” But I didnt act on it because I wasn’t sure I could convince him to wear it. 

Low and behold he comes in my room the other evening and asks if I can make him something to wear on his thumb to keep him from sucking it!

So here is the result…….

He calls it his bionic thumb! I tried to make sure it wasnt ” girly” , but I included some figit beads on it that roll and slide. I made sure all the ends were sanded and rolled in tight so he cant scratch himself or others. He wears it at night, and it works! And he isn’t afraid to wear it at school. 

Just like a smoker, he has noticed an agitation from not having something iln his mouth. So today I sent him gum that he is allowed to chew on the play ground. Praying we have found the answer to breaking this habbit and that it increases his confidence!