A little round raindrop sat in a puddle. 

The little rain drop had been quite a traveler. She had landed in ponds, and rivers and oceans all around the world. 

Her best friend was the sun, who would lend her his sunbeams to ride up high into the sky on his warm rays of light. 

And then she would blow with the wind and leap back down to earth again at thrilling and exciting speeds, never knowing where she would land next.

Not so thrilling was the sound of childrens voices that often chided her with “Rain, rain. Go away!”

Today the taunt hurt right to her middle. Today, she had not landed in a beautiful pond or a quick flowing creek. Today she had landed in a rut of dirty, mucky puddles beside a barn gate.

The children chanted loudly at her to go away and they stomped hard in the puddles making her leap about in an undignified way. She had lost her shine, as she picked up dirt with every bounce made by the boots.

The little raindrop got angry and decided that she would indeed go away, and never return. She would go so far away even the wind couldn’t catch her. 

When the sun came out, the little raindrop called out to her friend. He barely recognized her in the puddle of mud. 

The sun sent down his rays to warm her up to the sky. She reached the wind, but begged the sun to take her higher. At the top of the rolling fluffy clouds she again begged the sun to take her even higher.

As she rode the rays she noticed that they were not as warm as they had been down in the cloud. She had climbed so high, determined never to fall to earth again. But her coat began to harden and sparkle, and she started to shiver because it was so cold. She had reached Nimbostratus, a cloud in the sky that was biting and cold. 

It grew dark out when the sun went to bed. But the little raindrop was not alone. A wisp named Verglas noticed her tiny, glassy glint in the moonlight. He was a covetous creature, who was always trying to collect raindrops for himself.

He quickly came up with a scheme to keep the little raindrop  up with him in his world of cold and ice. He offered her a dress of white lace, telling her it would keep her warm.

But as beautiful as it was, when she put  it on, it wasn’t warm. And it weighed her down and she could hardly move in the dress. She did not like it here. She did not want to stay with Verglas. She wanted to go back to her friend the Sun, and the warm earth. 

But  Verglas would not let her go so easy. He began adding layers upon layers of heavy lace around her. Verglas had an entire garden of little crystals, made of drops just like the cold little raindrop, and he wanted to keep her there too. 

But Verglas, in his carelessness and haste, put too much lace on the little raindrop. The little raindrop was so heavy she slipped from the sky. She was so heavy, that Verglas couldn’t hold her up when he tried to catch her.

The raindrop floated back down to earth, her white lace dress parachuting her slow and gently.

She landed silent, beside a frozen pond, where no one took notice of her amongst all the other white dressed snowflakes that had fallen from Verglas’ garden with her.

Pictures are of our raindrop and snowflake puppets. They are crystal beads on beading wire. The snowflake is a tatted snowflake with bead embellishment.

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