I love the idea of a waldorf story apron.

Mine isn’t all organic like a true waldorf. But it is completely hand made and painted. Not even a sewing machine. And the fleece skirt is a soft place for little people to land for a story. “Otâcimow” (a-chi-mo) is aparently “storyteller” in cree, so that is what I am calling it.

Even though I have 6 children, I’m not a babies all over me, romping kind of mom. So this really helps me too! It get’s me down to their level and gets them participating in the story with me all together. Even they like to take turns putting it on!

The bib is made of two circles of cotton/polyester fabric, painted in water color and set with vinegar. When they dried I ironed andb added quilt batton and sewed them together with a piece of bias tape for the neck strap. Then I added a green fleece blanket. Because of it’s stretch, I shaped it along the bottom of the round bib and hand stitched it on.

That simple!