Oh my word, people…

If I have to hide stories about my family from you on FB, WHY did you friend me on facebook?!

You, who literally choose not to have kids…. I have 6, there WILL be pictures

You, not married because you couldn’t commit… We did commit and I think that’s great.

You who are in an unhappy marriage…I am not unhappy  and no I’m not rubbing it in your face. Im showing you that there is hope for a good relationship by sharing the good moments of mine. By the way may I remind you I’m divorced once. Been there. Sorry for your pain.

You, my babies pictures make you cry because you cant have one….I have misscarried too. Ask me. It still hurts to remember them because no child replaces them.

My bible verses offend you? They happen to be my inspiration. I want my family to know where my help comes from.

I have already made sure I don’t complain on that news feed, because someone might think it is about them, tie that shoe on and run in it straight to “you’re- so-insensitive-ville”

I love my family, and share so other family members and friends who also care how much I love them all.

We are NOT your comment dart board for taking revenge on the things that are bugging you about your life.

Start a conversation with me, ignore me, even unfriend me. But don’t try to steal from me the joy of a family God blessed me with.