The other night  I spent a couple hours “pinning”and downloading homeschool resources. A hundred plans I can’t wait to teach.

Yesterday, I only got around to telling one story about a crow and his carefull thinking that got him the water he so desperately wanted. Then spent the entire day instilling that one concept of “Little by Little, Does the Trick” to a four year old who so often looses his temper when things don’t go his way. He often works too fast when building or doing puzzles and melts down when pieces dont work or stay together.

In the grand world of homeschooling it is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of information and resources, and the building blocks of education.

From Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Waldorf, Christian and secular based choices, sometimes I need to slow myself down as a parent and kick those ever piling stacks of opinion back to their book shelves!

We choose to homeschool, believeing that is the best way to prepare our children for adulthood. To provide them knowledge and resource skills that also prepare them mentally and spiritually for social and family responsabilities.

We choose to homeschool believeing that we can provide a custom and personal based education for each child as an individual, rather then having our round peg children squished into square box public schooling.

So then we also need to believe we know how fast and how much those little minds and bodies can absorb at one time. And while we need to teach educational discipline, we need to make sure we don’t take the joy out of learning.

Being an informed homeschool parent is important. But we need to be careful we dont project the overwhelming number of choices we have into our teaching of the very young ones.

When our son looses his temper I ask him if the crow cried? (“No” he said) Or did he scream? (“No”) Or did he use his brain and think it out until it worked?

That one day of working on one little concept has him thinking for himself and figuring things out without a conflict.

And when he would usually shout, he now tells me his brain hurts and asks me to help. He knows he doesnt have to do things alone if he can’t figure it out.

That is how we should as parents use our homeschool resources. As a source for those teaching moments we feel stuck or lack the skill. And trust our God- given instincts that led us down this pathway of educating our families in the first place.