Baby girl cried for 3 hrs straight. No comfort, no soothing. And I loved her, while going crazy at the same time. She is teething and her schedual was mixed up from church and Thanksgiving visiting. 

It happens, and you want to scream with them. You want them to stop. You want them to understand YOU, and quiet down at your touch and your voice. 

So while she cried, I designed. In the dark, with the flicker of the t.v . Sarah and Duck in one ear and baby crying in the other, I drew my anxiety to calm it. It’s rough looking, just like we were both feeling.

This morning, tired and dizzy, on the rush to finish Turkey dinner preps and baby girl sleeping soundly in her crib to make up for her lost sleep last night, I stopped to added purple. The color of a crying baby. 

We made it through, still loving each other! But know as a parent you aren’t alone. Keep breathing, keep loving. The storm will pass!