When I was little my mom use to make little people out of kleenex from her purse to keep me from wiggling. She would fold the kleenex in half and then wrap the middle of it around her finger. When she took her finger out we had a hooded doll! But no face

I made these puppets with that memory in mind. Here is a tutorial for a similar doll. I used a mans pocket hankin and folded it diagonally, longer in the back to add a layered look. I gathered the head area with my thumb inside it, instead if filling it, to make the hood.

And the head is a bead I covered in knit fabric and sewed into the “hood” of my dolls.

I used popsicle sticks and 3 strands of crochet cotton. The head and left hand attach to one stick, and the right hand attached seperate to give it bigger movements. 

These little dolls are Faith, Hope and Love. 

Pretty sure there is a story to be found in them somewhere!