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I dont get paid a penny for this, but I have the overwhelming urge to share my thoughts on beading looms.

First off, if you have an interest in beading on a loom but think you can begin and whip off a first project in one sitting, beading is not for you. It takes practice and time and patience. 

The first time I ever “loomed” was on the native doll belt. I stitched the main threads onto the dress and then wove the beads right onto the dress. Im proud of the job but whew! Awkward!

So I then decided to buy a loom to finish the dolls. My mama doll shews were done on a Beadalon loom. I was very happy with this loom. 


Perfect tension every time. EVERY time. Easy to catch the underside of the main threads. Easy to start and end off

Extremely portable. Packs up small and light weight when using.

It rocks while beading, which I like because I could tip it towards me to work.


Removing the tention bar can be difficult, and  frustratingly,  my teenage daughter did snap one of these looms trying to get it out. 

You can only make a finished project as long as the board. But it is long enough to make a good size bracelet. 

So when one loom was broken I bought the other loom offered at Micheals by Derice.


Sturdy frame construction that only purposely mishandling could ruin it.
You can put as much length on as you can wind around the tension knobs. Make belts, headbands, purse straps and necklaces.


Needle and thread sold with it are crap. You will throw your hands up in frustration. Easy fix, buy real beading needles and thread.

Doesn’t keep tension. I was constantly readjusting the tension rollers. I found it a nusence almost every row having to tighten the strings. 

So there it is, my beginers story about bead looms. 

There are other methods of beading. Peyote style looks interesting but I dont quite have the dexterity to hold the fine beads in my fingers.

And of course you can sew the beads right ontoba base fabric,  which I have also done around the base of the dress yoke. I tacked the beads about every 4th bead. And ran a running stitch back through all the beads to mke them lay straight.

Beads are beautiful! And if you take a deep breath and apply patience it is a rewarding skill to learn.