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This is my D&D character. An epic half wood elf Bard (28)/Ranger (12)/Dragon Song Lyricist (5). She touched a fey ring, thus the wings. And she took on an air elemental template, and was gifted an air elemental for helping an air/water city find their long lost leaders. Her companion is a pseudo dragon named Teasernaught.
Her bow is made of living steal that is intelligent and can turn into any weapon she is allowed to yield. Her quiver replicates any arrows she stores. She sports a dart of returning with a rose pearl in her hair that also has a 10′ circle of protection against evil to protect unarmed and injured.
She wears bracers of archery and boots of flying, for flying in spaces that cant accommodate her wing span.  And her eye if truth glove pretty much eliminates the need for a paladin. Her staff is a staff of life, as she usually becomes party healer. And her haversack is a haversack of feasting, able to feed up to 50 people real food.