Have you ever made a small felt mouse or trinket toy and wondered how to gift it? Here is a poem that could be used for any pocket pet! Just change the ‘she’ to ‘he’ and ‘ girl’s ‘ to ‘ boy’s ‘ for the gender of the gift recipient. Add the named trinkets to a little bag or box with your pocket friend.



Here’s a little friend
As cute as she can be.
She’ll ride inside your pocket
And sneak peaks out at thee.

Sometimes when you are lonely
And feel there’s no one there,
She’ll wiggle in your pocket
To remind you that she cares.

She keeps all of your secrets
And shares her own, you’ll see.
She carries special trinkets.
Your friend she wants to be.

A penny for your thoughts
And so you’ll never be flat broke.
A pin keeps things together
And reminds you not to poke

A marble for when you loose yours
So you’ll never seem a jerk.
A Band-Aid for small boo boos
And to fix life’s little hurts.

The puzzle piece she carries
To remind you of your worth.
‘Cuz every girl’s important
In this picture we call Earth.

She doesn’t take much room up.
And snuggles are always free.
This friend made for your pocket
Is just the friend for thee.

– CEMT 2015 –