“Baby” boy is soon going to be one! So birthday party plans are in full swing. But what gift does a one year old want?We wanted to choose the perfect one!He gets so amused and enthralled with ordinary items. A brush, a cup, a wooden block. Those things can entertain him long enough to make supper! He has no favorite toy and hasn’t used a soother. But his one comfort to fall asleep is his thumb and the washing instructions tag on the bottom of any toy. Its the only time he sucks his thumb, and only lasts until he slumbers off. But the taggy need, I think we could improve on. So out of a receiving blanket and some ribbons, cotton fabric and fleece and the two biggest buttons I could dig up from the sewing room, I now introduce you to Taggy Buddy! If baby still used a soother I would have added a soother strap to hold one.
So to my dear youngest son… May your days be long and happy, and may tags to soothe you always be numerous and easy to find!