When I get on a creative kick, I almost over do it! I was on one of these kicks lately. Frustrated with life events far from my control, I turned to my sewing machine and paints and zipped off these 12 characters, half of a towns worth of D&D characters we regularly use in our RPG nights with the kids.  The pattern for the dolls was just a generic one I had laying around that I had printed from the internet. But I shortened and lengthened them to make the different races of players. And then I really enjoyed dressing them and painting them with their own unique character traits. The dragon was from my own head though. He is unique, in that he is wearable. He has a bracer that fits over someones arm and then his front legs velcro on to the bracer. i would like to make a few more dragons. And A villain.  These are all good guys. But I need a break! (And more supplies!)