“I don’t care what others think” is a cop out for irresponsible behavior.  To believe that how you act, dress or talk is of no consequence to anyone but you is purely selfish. But worse than that, it demeans your self worth and importance as a human!!!

You SHOULD want to  care that people find you honest and trust worthy.  Someone a future employer would want in their business. Someone who attracts other honest and true friends. And if you claim to be a Christian, you should want people to see Christ in you, or at the very least Gods influence on your choices.

It’s absolutely acceptable to NOT be a people pleaser or a people door mat. Yes, It’s true.  There are some people in this worlds who will not like you. But when you pretend that no one’s opinion of you matters, you damage yourself.

Once upon a time a woman I highly respected in my church came up to me and bluntly told me she did not like my dress. I was offended…for 10 seconds until I realized she was looking at my much lower than normal neckline. Was it provocative? No.  But what she was trying to tell me was that it was adding a negative attraction to one asset when my person as a whole has a much higher positive value. I listened to her and fixed the dress to continue wearing it. Appreciate your value when people care and think about you. Is your “I don’t care what they think” display the asset that you want people to assume you base your value upon?

There are people begging for my attention who didn’t realize I watched them while they were being their true and ” I don’t care” selves and now they can’t earn my trust. Because their words and actions to others or myself in the past were so cheap, I consider a relationship with them of little value to myself.

MY trust may not be important to you, but you never know what important relationships you have damaged for good when you continually  carry a ME based “I don’t care” attitude.

Do I believe people can change? Sure. But people watch for fruits of your change as much as they watched your questionable behaviors. And sometimes people just have no desire to be the one who gets bit to find out that you haven’t actually changed.

So claim you place on the podium of human standards. And stand tall and claim and be honorable to your whole worth. Care that people care.