So one of the themes for BaD is kites. So of course, I need some doll size kites.  Now, in reality, there is still WAY too much snow here to be flying kites but I watched a wonderful video about some mini kites that looked like origami, so I went on a mad internet search to find out how to make them!

The best one was on YouTube, but it required a pattern and design sheet that I just couldn’t come up with a page to download. SO I copied the screen and made one myself. Here is the Youtube link

Paper Crane Kite

Paper Crane Kite Flying

Here are the pictures/ patterns, feel free to attempt one of these yourself! I changed the head design a bit to make a dragon, my boys love these!

kite kite2

indoor kites pdf

Note…tails are made of 10 – 3mm strips cut the length of standard origami paper and  glued end to end, 5 on each side.

String onto a 2 foot thread and tie to a rod for indoor use. These fly great!

kitecrane kitedragon  kites2