Sharing your moral values will not make you popular, ever. Some of the biggest wounds in my family are from us refusing to budge from our moral viewpoints. But when the bible speaks of being equally yoked, that’s what it actually means. Not just that two or more people claim to be Christian. It means that and so much more.  It means you share with those people the same “Top 10” Values.

For example, My first marriage, we were both musicians, and Christians, but that meant very different things to each of us. To me my faith meant strict moral values. And after my faith came my family raising them with those values. Music and arts, last on my priority list. Yeah, that became a big problem between us because our values were reversed from one another. We were NOT equally yoked.

My husband and I share the same moral and family values. I knew he was the one because of what he focussed on in our relationship.  And it wasn’t himself or his career. And his views on family and morals and where  children belong in a relationship were the same as mine. And for me that was SO  important. We don’t argue because the things that are the most important to us we already agree on.

When you are choosing friends and dating, look for those people who share your values in a similar “top 10” priority. Then you will have someone to lean on when the world tries to spit you out. Don’t hang off people you think you can “fix” to see things your way.  Life will become less lonely that way.