So Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back 23 times, and mankind has discovered its another reason for a party. (SHeesh!)

But truly, we ALL know what it’s like to be stabbed in the back by friends or family. It’s one of lifes big disappointment. Sometimes they actually do it unintentionally, but those moments hurt the worst. We are hurt by them and they are hurt by our unpleasant reaction to their good intention.

I’ve had friends spread my private business around, simply by asking for prayer for me in their own church circles. Asking for prayer can sometime become an excuse for gossip. It seems so righteous though! You just want prayer for your friend!

Here’s my warning to good friends. Good friends don’t discuss the nature of their friends need for prayer with others without your permission. God can still hear “unspoken” prayers. You can ask for prayer for your unnamed friend who is going through a tough time. The end. No other explanation needed. Otherwise you are quite bluntly, gossiping.

I’ve seen my business sent from one end of the province to the other, and that’s not ok, or fair. I have nothing to hide, but I DO deserve to be the one who decides who knows my private thoughts and experiences.

So protect your friends. Don’t accidentally stab them in the back with the intent to do them good.