Its 7am and already one of those days. My daughter slept on the couch because her window is leaking water…brand new windows the landlord had installed. The baby was fussy all through the night. The toddler woke up screaming 3 times. And at the last feeding baby sent it all back all over me and the bed. Husband and I had our showers at 6 because it wasn’t worth trying to sleep anymore. AND THEN found toilet training toddler naked with a poopy diaper on the floor. There are still 3 more school aged children to wake up… 5 children all up and the oldest ones watch toddler pour 2 bags worth of oatmeal out onto the kitchen floor….and say nothing.

Its RED “Harley” shirt day. I’m not a color wearing person. My husband complains I look like a widow when I wear black. But I will wear red. Especially on days when I have no patience for attitude from others. It’s my day to have attitude.

I sometimes wear it when my attitude is strong and confident. I wore it under my buttoned up blazer to court with my ex once.

I wear it when meeting new people to test their reactions to the possibility that I’m a  strong willed woman.

I wear it when I’ m a grump, to say “back off”, it adds to my glowering look.

And I wear it because I’m just plain happy, and a splash of bright color against my dark clothing looks great.

But today…it’s because I need to feel in control of a day WAY out of control already.