My Husbands favorite desserts are frozen Duncan Heinz marble cake, key lime pie and anything red velvet. Eww to the first two, blech. But Red velvet with whipped cream- cream cheese  icing? Yumm! My favorite recipe comes from the site “Divas Can Cook” Easy Red Velvet Cupcakes. And by Husbands request, we have started to add dark chocolate pieces to the batter instead of icing them. Saves time and money and not quite so sweet on the tummy!

BUT we have some celiac in our household who like desserts too, so here is my fix. I’ve learned to keep buttermilk POWDER on hand for pancakes and batters. I found it at the Bulk Store.

(Yoo-hoo!!! Jumping in just before I hit post!!! You could follow these directions for a REGULAR golden cake mix and save yourself $4 on the Red Velvet Specialty mix!!)

Gluten Free Red Velvet

1 Betty Crocker GF golden cake mix and listed ingredients, substitute buttermilk for the listed liquid.

1 ml red food color

1 Tblsp cocoa (I like using the rich, red cocoa)

Mix according to package instructions adding the new ingredients listed and bake according to directions.

They came out so perfect, you could hardly tell the difference!