So I’m Thrift Store  shopping for birthday presents, and I’m digging through the $1 stuffy/doll bin and I see the creepiest looking eyes staring up at me. And I grab up the crazy eyed red head doll and check out the stamp on her neck. And YES! She IS an original Kenner Blythe Doll!! I only recognized her because I often randomly browse through Ravelry newly posted patterns and have seen this strange looking creature with her own category. I bought her for the dollar, took her home and researched her. And yes, if I can resell her I will pay the rent for a month or two!!! She’s the real deal, complete in hippie dress, orange flowered panties and tatted hair. Her eyes change color on a pull string just like they should. Who knew! How long had she been there before I pulled her from the bottom of that sales bin? A Pearl of great price, with a sales sign of $1.


Unfortunately, I can imagine how she felt. If a doll could have thoughts of course.  I KNOW I’m valuable. I’m smart, talented, loving. I know I’ve made good choices and have great dreams and desires. But I trusted the wrong people, even though I found them in good places. Too many times I have found myself “the Grand doll”, allocated to the dollar shelf of life because the desire of so many people is to make others feel worthless.

I found my kingdom in my faith. If God, the creator of all things calls me his child, it gives me the fight to keep my rightful value in this world no matter how many times people try to strip it from me. I have always had my needs met, sometimes by miraculous means. And when this world let me down, Gods promises kept me going and I could still smile.

I found my kingdom with my Husband, a man who regularly reminds me of my value and loves me the way God loves me. A man whose love I can safely return four fold because I know without a doubt he tells me the truth. Without being asked he willingly gave up pieces of himself to make this family complete. And I love him MORE!

I found my kingdom in my work. I finally value my talents enough to let them earn my bread and butter. I’m a hard worker and I take pride in my work. And I’ve finally been able to demand a fair price for my work.

Someday I will probably sell Blythe doll, she holds no sentimental value to me. But I will sell her for what she is worth. We aren’t a family of great means, so her price would be her way of honoring our family needs. But I think I have other lessons to learn from her yet.

Besides, I need to take more time in life to play….