Once upon a long time ago I was a blogger. A wife, a mother, a go getter! A crafter, designer, artist, baker and social philosopher . I blogged it all, and loved all my readers. But then my world crashed on top of us. My children and I had our life stolen from us. I lost practically everything, but gained an Ex. Everything that had defined who I was, was stripped from me by my friends and my church and even some of my family. A few years later I was just about back on my feet, and a devastating set up of mobster style justice and retaliation by another party on my Ex’s behalf, and the dignity I had left was stripped from me completely.  Bottomed out, left to the gutters of life.

But I’m no pauper in the mud! I’m a Princess! GODS PRINCESS. I picked myself up, marched through the storms and I’m aiming for the high ground! Watch out, don’t get in my way. This world is going to have to YEILD to this PRINCESS!!

I’M BACK!!!!